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Маркизы Markilux




The markilux® with a factory-fitted top gutter.

Also available with more drop than width.

Totally logical. Typically markilux®.

The markilux® 1400 has the same construction as the markilux® 1300, however the system also includes a factory-fitted top gutter with an adjustment mechanism. Due to its design, this awning is only suitable for wall mounting.

Technical features
Thanks to the rubber sealing strip, the top gutter of the markilux® 1400 is guaranteed to fit flush with the wall. When the awning is pitched up to 20° the adjustment mechanism permits the front profile to come together precisely with the top gutter, to close perfectly; a small opening will remain between the front profile and top gutter in cases where the pitch is greater than 20°. Additional arm buffers are required for pitches of more than 30° (include in the order).

The markilux® 1400 is available at widths of up to 7 m or with a maximum drop of 4 m. Thanks to specialist folding arm technology, this awning can also be produced with a larger drop size than its width.

The round front profile is attractive and robust, the valance is included in the scope of deliverables.

All markilux® covers included in the balcony and patio awning portfolio are available for selection.

Manual drive with a stainless steel winding handle, an electric motor and radio-control are available as optional extras.

Wall mounting

Steel-link chain